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Introducing Bag Drop with Luggage Hero

Want to join a Secret London Runs tour? But don't want to lug all your belongings round in a backpack as you trot? Perhaps you're coming straight from work with your laptop? Or you're travelling in from afar and want to make a day of it in London so have a lot of clobber?

We've been working hard to provide bagdrop on as many tours as we can. On the 2018/2019 schedule, bag drop is included in your ticket for the following tours:


But now we've got the perfect solution for all our tours - Luggage Hero.

This answer-to-our-prayers is a luggage storage company with 310 locations across London - so there's bound to be one near your tour. The best bit? We've teamed up with them to give all Secret London Runs customers 1 hour of free storage with the promo code RUN.

Luggage Hero

Why we love Luggage Hero:

  • They're affordable - it costs just £1 an hour, plus a £2 handling fee. And as Secret London Runs customers get a free hour with the promo code RUN, that means it could cost as little as £3 to run bag free.

  • Your luggage is secure - when you deposit your bag, you add a security seal so you can be sure that no one tampers with your bag. And your belongings are fully insured for up to £2,200.

  • They're flexible and reasonable - with all the locations, there are plenty of options. And, even better, the clock starts when you drop your bag off and stops when you pick it up. So you don't have to book it in for a designated amount of time. Perfect if you're enjoying your post run celebrations a little too much!


Finding the best Luggage Hero for your running tour:

  • Yule Jog - this luggage hero is at the finish line of both the 5k and 10k Christmas Lights running tours in 2018 and open until late in the evenings and weekends. It's a 22 minute tube ride to the start of the 10k and 18 minutes to the 5k.

  • Coffee - nearest Luggage Hero open at weekends is 416m away from the start/finish.

  • Craft Beer - just 78m away from the start, you'll find this Luggage Hero. The best bit? You can pick your bag up until 10pm, so even if you enjoy the final brewery a little too much, you've got plenty of time. The 388 bus runs from the end of the tour to right near the start.

  • Power Women - 469m from the end of the tour, you'll find a luggage hero open from 10am to 9:45pm at the weekends, and even longer in the week. Even better? The number 14 bus takes you directly from there to Picadilly Circus, right next to the start.

  • Power Women of the East End - Open 8am to 10pm, 7days a week, and 286m from the start. The district line gets you from the end of the tour to the start IN 6 minutes so you can pick up your bag afterwards.

  • The Magic of the London Marathon - best option is to visit this 24 hour Luggage Hero, 710m from the end. If you leave your bag there before the tour, you can get a direct train from Victoria to Blackheath and then walk the 0.9 miles to Greenwich Park as a warm up! Your bag will be waiting for you at the end.

  • The Great Fire of London (evenings only) - a 556m scenic walk over London Bridge from the start of the tour. Please note that we've sourced a free option for the weekend tours.

  • In the Shadow of the Shard - this Luggage Hero is right next to the end of the tour, and a 500m from the start - open until 9pm in the evenings.

  • Sex and Scandal - just 265m from the end of the tour, you can leave your bag with this luggage hero from 8/9am until 3am. It's a half hour walk from here to the start of the tour, of a couple of stops along the central line from Tottenham Court Road to St Paul's.

Of course, do check other options as more storage options are added to the site every day.


Using your customer code:

Reserve your spot with the nearest Luggage Hero (no payment details needed here). When you drop off/pick up your bag, you'll be asked for some payment details. There'll be a place here to add a promo code. Add RUN and you'll get your first hour for free.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries about this service.

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