We can't hold our normal events at the moment - but we could not be more excited about our upcoming virtual event schedule! 

Next dash - 17th and 21st Feb 2021

Future dash dates: Mar 20th/21st, Jun 18th/19th, Sept 18/19th, Dec 18th/19th


Assemble your team of five to create the ultimate virtual team and compete in The 90 Minute Dash. At the beginning of this treasure-hunt style event, you'll receive a virtual briefing with a list of 60+ items that, between you, your team will need to find. Then the clock will start and you'll have 90 minutes to plan and execute your mission


Your team can be based anywhere in the world (and in different places) and we've designed the challenge so all levels of fitness (including walkers) can get involved. This is a great way to stay connected to your loved ones at this time and do something different together - so assemble your team, challenge others and let's have have an awesome weekend together!

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Starting 18th January 2021

Starting in January, stay motivated with Secret London Runs' monthly mileage challenges. The twist? Each challenge follows in the footsteps of a Tudor queen in an important journey she made during her life. As well as a medal for each Queen, you'll also get a podcast telling you more about the journey you're following, postcards when you get to important places along the way and access to our supportive and history-loving community.


8th- 21st February 2021


Wherever you are in the world, run 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon from your front door on any date from Monday 8th until Sunday 14th February 2021, then celebrate at the end with the gin you love the most. Prizes for the most romantic finish-line photos of you and your gin. Solo or couples entry. For couples you compete as a team to cover the distance. Join with your partner, or (even better) your gin buddy! Intersecting medals for couples entry.