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We could not be more excited about our upcoming virtual challenge schedule! 

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Harriet Tubman's 137 Miles to Freedom

Live and ready now!

Follow in the footsteps of legendary 19th century abolitionist, Harriet Tubman in our new virtual mileage challenge. You'll (virtually) trace the route which Harriet navigated from slavery to freedom in the American Mid-West.

Every time you complete an activity, you'll advance along the virtual map retracing Harriet's steps, and unlock podcasts and postcards when you get to important places along her route.


Live and ready for you for 2023 and beyond.

Stay motivated to move with Secret London Runs' virtual challenge series. Each challenge follows in the footsteps of a Tudor queen in an important journey she made during her life. As well as a medal for each Queen, you'll also get podcasts telling you more about the journey you're following, postcards when you get to important places along the way and access to our supportive and history-loving community.


Elizabeth I vs Mary Queen of Scots


Cousins, queens, the fiercest rivals. These two women both believed they were the anointed queen of England. One of them condemned the other to death. But their lives could not have been more different.


In this 6 event challenge series, we compare 3 journeys taken by each Queen; one in childhood, one in adulthood and one towards the end of their lives. 

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