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5 reasons Gin MAY be good for running

Running and gin. Not the most likely bedfellows, most would say. Us included, at least until we launched our Secret Gin Run nearly a decade ago. It has become one of our favourite tours, which has led us to re-examine the relationship between the two. So, as we limber up for Running For Gin Month; we ask - can a regular gin and tonic help you to become a better runner? Read on, and find out. 

Low calorie

Gin is notably one of the spirits with the lowest calorie content (just 97 calories per 25ml shot), so opting for a g&t rather than a vodka or a whisky based drink is a good move if you’re trying to stay healthy. Being brutally honest, however - you’re not going to lose weight by binging on gin and tonics. But it is certainly a relatively healthy alternative to other, more calorie rich drinks.

Running for gin month - June 2024 Come join Secret London Runs for a series of celebrations of running and mother's ruin this June Virtual Gin Run 8th-16th June 2024 Do you need some motivation to get out there are run a half marathon or 10k? Perhaps a nice cold G&T at the finish-line and a gin glass shaped medal would do the trick? Join us from wherever you are in the world and compete for prizes for the best gin-ish line pics! Secret Gin Run 8th June 2024 - London Celebrate World Gin Day on a 10km guided running tour through London's gin-drenched history, working yourself up to a very well-earned glass of Dutch courage at the finish line. This tour is for all paces of runner - nobody gets left behind. NEW: The Secret Gin Distillery Run 27th June 2024 - London Join Secret London Runs for a brand new running tour as we won from distillery to distillery in South London. On this 11k running tour we'll guided you through the recent gin craze in the capital and explore some of the hottest local distilleries - new and old! G&T's at the end? Of course! Find out more about our Running for Gin Month here.


Yes, you did read that right. As past Secret Gin Run attendees may know, gin is made from juniper berries; an antioxidant rich, superfood. These powerful little berries help your body to fight off infection, ensuring that you’re fighting fit (if possibly a little hungover) for whatever hurdles your training plan might throw at you. Juniper berries also contain flavonoids; chemical compounds proven to prevent heart disease and improve blood circulation as you age.

A good mix

Although other mixers are available, gin is most typically combined with Indian tonic water. Tonic water, as an H2O based beverage, helps you to stay hydrated. It also contains quinine, which can be helpful for avoiding cramps. Compared to other mixers - coke or lemonade for example - it’s a more logical choice for runners.

Brilliant Botanicals

Any seasoned gin drinker will shun a g&t served to them without the correct botanical, expertly chosen to compliment the flavour of their chosen gin. The good news is that these botanicals are almost exclusively fruit and vegetables! From lemon and lime to pink grapefruit and even the humble cucumber, sipping on a g&t could give you a gentle nudge towards achieving your 5 a day! 

Bones and all

Any budding running career will not get very far without strong bones and joints. Luckily, the mixture of ingredients in gin are said to relieve aching joints and keep your bones in good health. Gin soaked raisins have even been cited as a popular relief for arthritic pain! 

Now, we aren’t for one second suggesting that you embark on a 10k after an afternoon session on the g&ts. In fact, we would actively discourage it! Excessive alcohol consumption, or even any alcohol consumption is not a good idea before attempting exercise. However, in moderation of course, we do think it’s possible to make a case for gin as the most run-friendly spirit of all. So come celebrate and join us in Running for Gin Month in June 2024. Cheers! 

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Ann Green
Ann Green
5 days ago

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05 de jun.

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Curtis Armstrong
28 de mai.

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