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Run the Thames Bridges 10k

Run 10k over the Thames bridges on a self-guided audio tour, triggered by your GPS

8 MARCH 2024 - 31 OCT 2024


We challenge you to run a 10k route over the Thames bridges in a unique self-guided audio tour that takes you from Tower Bridge to Vauxhall.

With 11 bridges in total, your GPS location will trigger directions, along with audio commentary that celebrates the history of the glorious River Thames, its bridges and the development of our capital along its banks.

As you cross over every bridge possible along the route, you'll enjoy some of the best views of London, discover their history and get a unique training run in the bag.

Sign up today and take on the challenge at any time between 8th March and 31st October 2024 with an optional finisher medal upon completion.


How does it work?


Sign up now and you'll get a code to download the Run the Thames Bridges Half Marathon tour on VoiceMap, an award winning audio tour app. 


Head to the start location (the Sundial at Tower Bridge) at a time of your choice on any day between 8th March and 31st October 2024.  Simply open the app, put your headphones on and hit "go" - you'll hear your first set of instructions. 


Triggered by your GPS location, you'll receive more directions and commentary about the Thames, bridges and sites you're seeing along the way. 


The half marathon ends at Putney station. Send us your finisher pics for our online Finisher's Gallery. You can also choose to receive a fantastic medal that will be sent to you upon completion.


I love working with new technology that allows more people to experience what we do.

By providing GPS audio tours, our customers can experiences a secret running tour of London with loads of upbeat history, whilst running at their own pace at a date of their choice. 

This is the third self-guided tour we've made publicly available - we learnt a lot from our first offering at Christmas and can't wait to see you running the London Bridges with us in your ear. We were so pleased with the response to our Run the Thames bridges half marathon that we decided to create a 10k version of the route, enabling more people to run the bridges with us!


Vanessa Cain-Tait
Founder, Secret London Runs

What you'll see

The exact route of the tour will be revealed when you strap in and begin your audio tour. But over its duration you will see:

  • Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Millennium Bridge, Waterloo Bridge (+7more Thames Bridges)

  • Panoramic views of London

  • Many of London's biggest attractions (the Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben and loads more) 

  • Hidden sights off the beaten track

We've been leading running tours of London for 9 years and can't wait to show you some of the city's best bits along our famous river.

Starts at the Tower Hill station (at the sundial) 🏰

Finishes near Vauxhall Station🚅

Finisher's medal


Medal to be revealed version soon.
Swipe to see the half marathon medal.

  • 1. How fast do I need to be?
    All fitness levels are welcome. Each tour has a guide pace to keep you in your comfort zone. We operate on a "no one gets left behind basis" which means that we'll always run at the pace of the gentlest person in our lovely group. So please don't be nervous about joining us. But also, don't be afraid of signing up for a merrily medium or festively fast pace and the gentle jingle is often very gentle. There are also walking tours available of the 5k Christmas lights tour.
  • 2. Do you have a bag drop?
    Unfortunately we do not have a bag drop, especially with the tour starting and ending in different parts of London. Our tours are not races - so we advice packing light and bringing a running backpack for your essentials. If you need to store any items, we recommend using Luggage Hero before you come to your tour.
  • 3. What do I need to bring with me?
    Your ticket on your phone (we don't need a paper copy), water if you usually run with it. Wear warmer clothes than you usually would for a run of the length of your tour - we will be stopping around the run to for twinkly lights and festive history. Of course, we highly recommend all the Christmas fancy dress.
  • 4. Is the Christmas lights tour suitable for children?
    Yes - children are welcome, as long as they're accompanied by an adult who takes full responsibility for their safety whilst on the tour. Accompanied children are welcome at all our tours, as long as they're comfortable with the guide pace, but we do have 2 Family Special dates for the 5k Christmas lights tour, so you can bring little ones and know there are plenty of others there too.

Hall of Fame

Join our gallery of finishers.
If your photo is missing from the gallery, please email and we can add you!

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