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3 More London Running Tours!

Secret London Runs is thrilled to announce the launch of 3 brand new running tours to join our collection today!

Running tours? Yes - some people call it sightjogging or sightrunning.

And in London they make a lot of sense. There's so much to see here, that whizzing through as much of it as you can with a guide is both fun and effecient. Let's not even get started on the calorie burn!

London's Power Women Tour

So why are we launching 3 new running tours? Prior to today, we had 3 beautiful secret themed tours, that show you a rather hidden side of London. Like our Power Women Tour, celebrating London's unsung heroines pictured left.

These secret tours have earned us the place of London's top running tour company on TripAdvisor and we continue to run these tours regularly.

But if you're new to London or you're here on holiday, sometimes you just want to see as many of the main attractions as you can in one go.

So our new tours are sightseeing running tours, aimed at guiding you through as many of London's epic sights as possible. Of course, we'll throw in some local secrets along the way - we are Secret London Runs!

Your choice - whether to enjoy the sightseeing running tours non-stop to keep up with your training on holiday (we'll talk whilst we run), or perhaps you'd like a more leisurely run, stopping off at your favourite places for photos and a closer look.

So now we've got 6 running tours, and I'll introduce you to the new ones over the next few days. They deserve a post each at least. In the meantime - check out the new running tours and get in touch for more information.

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