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Secret Running Tours in London

Our running tours business has been storming London since September now. And we've already covered 1000 miles (check out our Smile for a Thousand Miles celebration).

It struck me that I haven't introduced our secret running tours of London properly in our blog.

Why are they secret? It's because these running tours go further than showing you the main attractions of London. We explore London's hidden depths - so even if you've lived in London for years, you'll still leave one of our secret tours with loads of new, cool stuff you didn't know before.

First up: In the Shadow of the Shard The Shard. It lights up London's skyline as a symbol of extravagance. And it is rather beautiful. But the history that the Shard leaves in its shadows is actually pretty sordid.

In the Shdow of the Shard

Did you know that the area between London Bridge and Southwark lived almost like an autonomous state for 500 years? With its separate set of laws governed by the Bishop of Winchester, the Liberty of the Clink regulated a number of activities that were very much illegal in the City of London, giving Bankside many-a-name including London's Pleasure Gardens and the District of Sin.

It makes for an incredible history that is best told with the heart pumping and the adrenalin racing. This 6km running tour is available for private bookings, whenever works for you!


When you pass through Westminster and Buckingham Palace, it looks so grand. And most royal tours will tell you about all the ceremonies, celebrations and grandeur that goes with it.

In this tour, we delve beneath that glittering surface, uncovering tales of murder, protest, duels, Nazi memorials, exploding balls and headless ladies.

Surprised that all this lies a stone's throw from the royal quarters? Explore it in the best way, a 7km private running tour.


Last but not least: London's Power Women

We launched this running tour in June, celebrating with a week of group running tours, widely attending with overwhelming feedback.

Throughout the 10km route, we stop at various places to celebrate London's unsung heroines. I don't think I can sum it up better than Denise, who I had the pleasure of taking on one of the group tours in Power Women Week.

"It was wonderful! Has inspired me to read more about this amazing city. Burning martyrs, secret agents, unsung philanthropists and the most disturbing railway station ever... Well done for creating a fantastic voyage of exploration!"

This tour is always available for private bookings but there is one last group running tour on the 1st September.


Running tours really are the best way to see London - in the words of Coach Magazine after they tried out Riches, Royals & Rumours, " "Exercise and learning, it’s a win on all self-improvement counts."

And because these secret running tours require a few stops to look at various interesting things, they are open to all fitness levels. I dare you to try one.

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