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The BB Bakery Tour Bus: A Yearful of London Week 7a

It feels like a bit of cheat this week...

My wonderful friend Becca had her hen party in London last weekend. As bridesmaid and the only London resident in the hen squad, I helped put the schedule together and what a schedule it was (if I do say so myself)

So I've got 4 activities for this week's Yearful of London and they were all an absolute hoot and I would have done them anyway, regardless of my New Year's Resolution. So perhaps it's a cheat, but it would be a crying shame not to tell you about them.

First off: The BB Bakery Tour Bus.

So, it's afternoon tea, on a double decker London bus! What's not to love?

We boarded at Victoria Coach Station. To begin with we just admired the bus from afar...

A bit nearer now, but still not on the bloody bus!

When we got on the bus, it was luuuurrrvvvvely!

We ate some lovely sandwiches and quiches. But the main event was the cake. Oh the cake! A lemon meringue pie to die for (that's on the plates above).

Next in the rankings came the chocolate cupcake. YUM! In at third was the cocunut and meringue biscuity/cake - very delicious and surprisingly good for breakfast the next day (so I hear...)

Still pretty decent was the custard bomb. After that.... I was full.

Tea was unlimited. We had it in nice beakers to stop it spilling with the movement of the bus. The hen party really kicked off when we found out we could keep the beakers!

The tour Guides/waiters were good fun, attentive and pointed out some of London's most famous buildings as we went past them. We saw Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, Marble Arch, Trafalgar Square and much more.

Perhaps we would have taken more notice were we not distracted by gorgeous men in hot pants (it was a hen do after all)...

Can't blame Josh for wanting to get involved with the lemon meringue pie...

Boys will be boys...

Book the BB Bakery Bus for a classy afternoon, some delicious cake, a good view of London, free beakers (!!) and lots of jolly good fun.

Right... 3 more banging articles about the hen weekend to come!

What's A Yearful of London? Every week I aim to do a 'you-can-only-do-this-in-London' activity. Any ideas? Comment below.

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