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A Yearful of London Week 3: This Will End Badly at the Southwark Playhouse

“This was perhaps the best show I’ve seen this year… I urge you to see it.” Observer ★★★★★

“Ben Whybrow is heartrending, callous and funny by turns. It’s as unsettling and brilliant a performance as you’re likely to see this year.” Fest Magazine ★★★★

“An intense, exhausting performance complements this diagnosis of emotional obsession in the modern male” The Stage ★★★★

I love the Southwark Playhouse. So when I saw such a highly reviewed play as This Will End Badly showing, I booked tickets for my weekly activity.

"I didn't really enjoy it and gutted that there was toilet humour that I didn't find very funny." Vanessa ★★

We arrived early for some pre-theatre nachos only to receive the devistating blow that they had run out. Did the hummus and cucumber serve as an adequate replacement for the chilli-cheese mouth-party? Did it heck...

We took to our seats and the action begun. As a lover of toilet gags, I was excited to see a real-life loo onstage. With black humour promised, hopes were high.

The action begun. The sole actor (Ben Whybrow, very good, don't know how he kept going without a glass of water for an hour and ten minutes without stopping) switched between a number of personalities in a bleak tale.

Constipation was a big theme. He was often heartbroken. And very clearly in a downwards spiral of depression.

The blurb had described a strong message about depression in young men. Perhaps I missed it but the only message I received loud and clear was that during depression one suffers from mood swings.

And the constipation was a bit repetitive and never made me laugh. This WIll End Badly is running until the 6th February if you want to try it out for yourself.

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