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What on earth is sight-jogging?

So you may be seeing a lot of hype at the minute about Secret London Run's murder mystery launch event. Did we mention we're in Time Out?

But our main business is sight-jogging: a combination of running and sightseeing. And it’s really taken off over the past few years.

Who’s it for?

For tourists: sight-jogging is a way to see the city sights whilst getting a sweat on.

For locals: a healthy means of fi​nding out something new about where you live.

For seasoned runners: spice up your usual routine with a dose of history.

For novices: the sightseeing serves as a great distraction when you’re getting into running.

For walkers: most running tour companies are more than happy to take clients on walking tours of their routes.

​In other words, who isn't it for?!

Why is sight-jogging getting so big?

It’s green and it’s good for you - reach your daily steps target whilst learning something new!

Plus running tours trump traditional tours pretty easily:

vs Tour Bus: sightjogging is better for you and better for the environment - plus you have to stick to the beaten-tourist track on a bus!

vs Walking Tour: cover more ground with a running tour, discover more about the city and get your heart beating faster.

vs Bike Tour: by sticking to the paths, sight-jogging is much safer than navigating a group through a busy city’s roads. And a heavier dose of cardio!

How does it work?

Sightjogging tours can usually be booked for an individual, a private group, or often companies run group tours that individuals can join at set times.

It varies with each running tour company: some tour guides run whilst they talk and others give their customers a breather whilst they speak about the history. If you've booked a personal tour, you can usually let your guide know what you'd prefer.

Sight-jogging is getting massive. A few companies I like the look of:

Dublin – City Jogging Dublin: their slogan sings, We run this City

Berlin - Sightjogging Berlin: giving running tours in Berlin since 2008

Brussels - Brussels Sightjogging: multi-lingual running tour company

Last but not least, there’s this fun new company called, Secret London Runs. They look pretty cool…

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