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Follow in Catherine of Aragon's footsteps, on the route that she took after she was dismissed as queen. This epic virtual running and walking challenge will take you on a 99 mile odyssey, through the last, turbulent years of her life. 


Every time you complete a walking or running activity, you'll advance along the virtual map between More and Kimbolton Castle, unlocking podcasts and postcards from Catherine at milestones along the route. 

Earn beautiful bling, stay focused and make your miles more fun. Run or walk the 99 miles, choose to complete it in 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks and sign up today.



Celebrate your achievement with a beautiful limited edition Catherine of Aragon medal. Exclusively designed for this event, with lots of special touches for history-lovers, this medal is bound to stand out in your collection. 


Catherine of Aragon's 99 Miles of Dismissal is the first in a series of 6 events dedicated to Henry VIII's Wives. All the medals fit together beautifully to form a set. Do you have what it takes to do them all and earn all 6 plus the Finisher's Coin?



This challenge tells the story of Catherine of Aragon after her 24-year marriage to Henry. 

History tells us a lot about Catherine's time as Queen, and the overlap with Anne Boleyn. But then the narrative tends to follow Henry and Anne, leaving the last years of Catherine less well known.

Over the 99 miles you'll learn about how this courageous woman held her head high as she was banished from castle to castle, starting with More, stopping at Hatfield, Enfield, Ampthill, Buckden and ending at Kimbolton where she died.


Optional: Add a limited edition Henry VIII's Wives running buff - click here for more info.


OR get a great deal when you sign up for all your challenges together by buying a 6, 5 or 4-queen season pass. More info here.


DON'T WANT A MEDAL? Take part for just £15 + VAT (if applicable):


By purchasing entry to our Catherine of Aragon virtual challenge, you are accepting our Refund Policy and Event Waiver, displayed on this product page.



Check for an email from Secret London Runs with all the info you need about getting set up on the Catherine of Aragon virtual challenge.


Can't find it? You can also check out our Set Up Information Guide here.

Catherine of Aragon: 99 Miles of Dismissal

  • Sorry, we don't give refunds on this event. If you are unable to take part due to illness, don't worry as the challenge is open until the end of 2024. We will send you your medal and you can keep it safe until you've completed the challenge!

  • We want you to have fun at our events, but we also want you to take care of yourself and others whilst out running or walking. Before you go out, please make sure someone knows your route and roughly how long you plan to be out for. Please also make sure you are visible to other road users, especially at night by wearing bright high-vis clothes and/or a torch. 


    I know that running in an event that is organised as a virtual activity where I run on my own, at a date and time of my choosing, in a location and running route of my choosing, which will not have any support or security measures in place by Secret London Runs is a potentially hazardous activity, which could result in injury or death. I acknowledge that I am participating in the activity outlined by this virtual event by my own free will and at my own personal risk. By ticking this box, I certify that I am medically able to perform this event, in good health, and I am properly trained. I further agree to abide by my local government guidelines and laws for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 whilst partaking in this virtual event.  I agree to follow all highway safety codes whilst out running and being mindful of other pedestrians and road users.  I assume all risks to me associated with running on my own as part of this virtual activity, including but not limited to: falls, contact with other pedestrians, the effects of the weather, traffic and the conditions of the road or trail, all such risks being known or unknown and appreciated by me when out running on my own without any type of support from local officials or event organisers.

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