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For those who have already completed Catherine of Aragon's 99 Miles of Dismissal and Anne Boleyn's 45 Miles of Dismissal this is your opportunity to sign up for a season pass to complete the remaining 4 of Henry VIII's Wives themed runs and get your Finisher's Coin (usually £9 plus postage) free. This is for one person to complete all 4 challenges.

You'll get: 

  • Jane Seymour challenge and medal
  • Anne of Cleves challenge and medal (please note that although you can complete the miles as a team, each person needs to sign up individually. Your season pass gets you individual entry).
  • Catherine Howard challenge and medal
  • Catherine Parr challenge and medal
  • A Finisher's Coin 


You'll receive all your medals and finisher's coin together - they'll be individually wrapped so that you can open each one as you finisher the challenges. 


UK and Europe Participants: Bought separately, the medals and finisher coins would cost £128.30, so you save £12.50 with this option.


US Participants: Bought separately the medals and finisher coin would cost £143.30, so this option saves you £17.55! 


How do you access the challenges after you've signed up?

All of our Henry VIII's Wives challenges are live now and will remain open until the end of 2023 - you can access them through our website here by navigating to the 'set up pages' for each Queen.


All you need to do is request to join our mission in My Virtual Mission. Our friends at My Virtual Mission need to approve you manually (a human doing it). So please do anticipate a little wait to get in

4 Queen Season Pass

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