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London Landmarks in Lockdown

I'm lucky enough to live close to central London. So early yesterday morning I woke up, put my running shoes on and (making sure to respect social distancing) went to see how London looked in lockdown. It was eerily quiet and I had no problem keeping my two meter distance on the rare occasions that I glimpsed others.

When I lead running tours (especially our sightseeing tours) I often have to wait for ages to get a picture for customers that isn't spoiled by other tourists, London buses or bikes. This is even a problem first thing in the morning, when you would expect it to be less busy. It felt really bizarre to take a trip to some of the places I visit regularly and effortlessly get snaps of these abandoned landmarks...

I can't recall a time in living memory that the streets of Central London have been so empty. Our lives have all been completely transformed by the outbreak of Covid 19, but I hope that these images give an alternative viewpoint on the impact that the virus has had on London.

Empty Tower Bridge in COVID lockdown
Tower Bridge is usually grid-locked with traffic.

Trafalgar Square in COVID-19 lockdown
This shot would usually be impossible - there's always so much traffic on the roundabout

The Royal Exchange in COVID-19 lockdown
The Royal Exchange

St Paul's Cathedral in COVID-19 lockdown
St. Paul's Cathedral

The approach to St Paul's in COVID-19 lockdown
The approach to St Paul's

Parliament Square in lockdown
Parliament Square

The South Bank in Covid-19
The South Bank

Paternoster Square in COVID-19 lockdown
Paternoster Square, next to Cheapside.

Waterloo Bridge in COVID-19 lockdown
Waterloo Bridge (aka the Ladies Bridge)

Social distancing poster Southwark Park
Please respect social distancing when you're out running.

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9 commentaires

sob adiet
sob adiet
30 mai

It was strange to visit some of my dordle usual haunts and be able to capture pictures of these deserted sites with such ease.


Anna Kena
Anna Kena
17 mai

The author's ability to effortlessly capture these usually bustling sites unobstructed is a stark reminder of the profound impact the pandemic has had on our lives. It's almost as if the city has undergone a kind of rice purity test, stripped of its usual chaos and crowds. While a somber sight, these images offer a unique perspective on resilience in the face of adversity.


rabia khalid
rabia khalid
14 mai



Jack Hammond
Jack Hammond
14 nov. 2023

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