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London Landmarks in Lockdown

I'm lucky enough to live close to central London. So early yesterday morning I woke up, put my running shoes on and (making sure to respect social distancing) went to see how London looked in lockdown. It was eerily quiet and I had no problem keeping my two meter distance on the rare occasions that I glimpsed others.

When I lead running tours (especially our sightseeing tours) I often have to wait for ages to get a picture for customers that isn't spoiled by other tourists, London buses or bikes. This is even a problem first thing in the morning, when you would expect it to be less busy. It felt really bizarre to take a trip to some of the places I visit regularly and effortlessly get snaps of these abandoned landmarks...

I can't recall a time in living memory that the streets of Central London have been so empty. Our lives have all been completely transformed by the outbreak of Covid 19, but I hope that these images give an alternative viewpoint on the impact that the virus has had on London.

Empty Tower Bridge in COVID lockdown
Tower Bridge is usually grid-locked with traffic.

Trafalgar Square in COVID-19 lockdown
This shot would usually be impossible - there's always so much traffic on the roundabout

The Royal Exchange in COVID-19 lockdown
The Royal Exchange

St Paul's Cathedral in COVID-19 lockdown
St. Paul's Cathedral

The approach to St Paul's in COVID-19 lockdown
The approach to St Paul's

Parliament Square in lockdown
Parliament Square

The South Bank in Covid-19
The South Bank

Paternoster Square in COVID-19 lockdown
Paternoster Square, next to Cheapside.

Waterloo Bridge in COVID-19 lockdown
Waterloo Bridge (aka the Ladies Bridge)

Social distancing poster Southwark Park
Please respect social distancing when you're out running.

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