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Why London is perfect for running tours

I spend a lot of time around the St Paul's area in central London. You don't have to walk around for long before you see somebody holding a umbrella or flag, waiting for a group to trudge behind them.

Or a group of bikes wobbling through the traffic in a long line, slower than walking pace.

These tours certainly have their place in London. Far more walking tours and cycling tours fill up the streets of London than running tours.

And yet we think running tours are a far superior way of seeing London.

Why running tours?

London is so rich with history. Every street, and every building on it, has a wealth of stories to tell.

So you can very easily go on a tour of a relatively small area of London and be blown away by the tales tucked around every corner.

But often with walking tours, since you cover a very small area, you'll hop from one century to another making the most of what's there. This often leaves people feeling a bit dazed and unlikely to remember it.

On the other hand, running tours, by their very nature, mean you cover far more fascinating ground. And you can't stop and look at everything you pass. There is just too much to see in London.

So a running tour has to carve out a narrative. Running tours in London are about selecting a theme and truly exploring it along the way.

One example at Secret London Runs is our London's Power Women tour. Here we travel 10km through some of London's most beautiful sites, and stop 12 times along the way to tell the story of one of London's unsung heroines.


London's Power Women Week in action. Photo by @DuncanKellman at KoaSound Photography

The story-telling aspect of the tour is crucial, and we can't wait to launch more unique, themed tours.

Watch this space. London's running tour scene is about to kick off. You heard it here first!

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