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A Yearful of London Week 14: Happy Anniversary Karen & James

When asked to join these legends for their 30th Wedding Anniversary lunch, I felt absolutely honoured.

Karen and James are the parents of my lovely friend Emma and make quite a couple.

Karen first attracted James' attention by getting her hair done in the exact same style as James' dog.

Whatever gets you going, James!

They had a lot of fun... married in 1986

And had two beautiful children, one of whom I was lucky enough to grow up with.

Actually, did we grow up?

We digress.

So anyway, these two gorgeous pumpkins continued to have fun together for 30 glorious years.

Off somewhere special to celebrate?

Just up the tallest building in Europe...

"Up to the Oblix Restaurant on the 32nd floor please, liftkeeper!"

The decor was very nice.

The view: incredible. Ahhhh London <3

The menu looked interesting, and though shorter on vegetarian options than I hoped, I was still excited. And the meat and fish options were excellent.

My meal arrived - nicest aubergine I've ever had.

Karen said hers was the best steak she'd ever had too.

Though we were a little shocked by the £7 price tag of broccoli as a side dish, we were thrilled to get a spare portion free due to a kitchen mix-up! Hurrah!

There was plenty of love in the air.

James - who makes a rather fierce squash opponent - enjoyed the macoroni cheese side dish.

How can you fail to love the man who, instead of swearing when he makes a mistake in a squash, calls himself a 'Big Banana'?

The free broccoli rather steals the foreground of this shot!

In short, a delicious meal (and though not cheap, I had been expecting them to put more on the price tag because of the location than they did), fantastic company and beautiful views.

Happy Anniversary (sorry it's a bit belated, I'm behind on my blog write ups) to such a pair of dudes!

A Yearful of London is my new year's resolution - to do something that you can only do in London every week in 2016. I'm hoping this will help me become a more valuable tour guide as part of Secret London Runs.

For those of you familiar with our running tours company, Secret London Runs, our first tour is called In the Shadow of the Shard.

It tells the story of the gentrification of the Southwark area - how the Shard with all its luxury is the final nail in the coffin to everything the area used to represent.

It's important to remember the past, but I also thoroughly enjoyed embracing the new with these lovely friends.

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