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A Yearful of London Week 10: The Postman's Park

London's history is so full of big characters. We can all be guilty of forgetting about the ordinary people, focusing our attentions on Shakespeare, Dickens, Jack the Ripper (cough cough), Thatcher, Anne Boleyn...

"But what about the everyday heroes?" asks the Postman's Park.

This beautiful garden is a tribute to ordinary people who have done extraordinary things; they all risked their lives to save another.

Here I am, trying to look solemn, not really pulling it off...

Vanessa at the Postman's Park

The tribute is a wall of tablets, each telling an incredible story of heroes and heroines in fires and floods and disasters. Each is a memorial to heroic self-sacrifice.

It's a moving and beautiful haven in the middle of the busy city. There's not much more I can say except visit this place.

Deatils: Postman's Park, St Martin's Le Grand, London EC1A, open 8am - 7:30pm, nearest tube St Paul's.

For now I'll leave you with a few of the stories that truly deserve to be told forever.

Postman's Park

Joseph Andrew Ford, aged 30, Metropolitan Fire Brigate, Saved six persons from fire in Gray's Inn Road but in his last heroic act he was scorched to death, Oct 7th 1871.

Postman's Park

Amelia Kennedy, Aged 19, Died in trying to save her sister from their burning house in Edward's Lane, Stoke Newington, Oct 18 1871.

Postman's Park

William Goodrum, Signalman, Aged 60, Lost his life at Kingsland Road Bridge in saving workman from death under the approaching train from Kew, Feb 28th 1880.

Postman's Park

Samuel Lowdell, Bargeman, Drowned when rescuing a boy at Blackfriars Feb 25 1887. He had saved two other lives.

Many more tributes to see when you visit.

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