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Sweaty London People

I’d hazard a guess that you know someone who’s given up running because of pain.

Any runner knows that pounding concrete can take its toll on our little knees. And shins, and hips, and calf muscles and all those other dodgy bits. Whether you’re doing a mile or a hundred miles a week, sore is sore.

Being defeated by joint pain or inherited dodgy knees or a duff ankle is horribly common. And yes, we know, pain is the body’s way of telling us when to stop. But it’s also the body's way of asking us to find something that might counter the aches before they set in for good.

Now I’m no pillar of wholesomeness and health. In fact, one of my favourite things about running is that it helps relieve the guilt of sitting around the rest of the time.

But there’s this one thing that I do do. And God I love doing it. And I am familiar with the assuming look that comes with telling someone you’re a fan of this thing. The ‘oh I see… you’re like that' look i.e. you incense-wafting, kale-chewing, cheesecloth-wearer.

But I don’t give a Nepalese mountain goat if you judge me. I will ‘ohm’ in your face. I will say things at you in a hypnotic voice, things about energy and flow and inner strength until your toes curl with the cringyness of it. Because I really, really, bloody love yoga.

For me it’s the hot, but not devastatingly hot, sweaty type – power yoga or ‘vinyassa’ on which I am hooked. But preference for style seems to vary a lot. Some love Bikram – I do not like it at all. Too hot and weirdly regimental. Some love hatha or yin. I find these too slow and boring.

If you’re a Londoner, or if you’re here in London for a week or a couple of weeks, there are some superb yoga studios that do an intro offer for 30 quid or thereabouts. For that you get unlimited yoga all day every day for 30 days.

I would highly recommend:

The Power Yoga Company, Fulham

The House of Yoga, Putney

And if you ever happen to be in Sydney, then Power living is also great

Worth every penny. Get in touch if you have any other suggestions.


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