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100 socially distant miles... with William Shakespeare!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Here's a 100 mile challenge for you. Just download this colour-in chart and stick in up on your fridge. Every time you run or walk a mile, colour in a section, starting at 1.

The UK government now advises that we can go out once a day for exercise. But many people in the country and abroad have been told not to leave their home at all. So, we've published a list of activities that you can do in your living room, that take about as much exertion as running a mile. Every time you complete one of those, colour in a bit of the picture of London hero William Shakespeare, starting at 1.

Shakespare 100 miles
100 mile running challenge

It's completely free to join the challenge - just email to let us know you're taking part. You can download a pdf of the image over on in the Secret London Runs Connect Facebook group, or we can email it to you.

Every week we'll ask you to send us a photo of your Shakespeare, either in the Facebook group or via email. Then we'll publish a leaderboard so you can see how you are faring compared to others. We'd also love to hear about your runs and home workouts you're doing to complete the challenge in our Facebook group.

We're offering two prizes - one for the first person to complete their 100 miles. And the second for the most artistic completed version. The deadline for this? The end of social distancing!

Don't have access to a printer right now? Just pop us an email with your address and we'll send one to you in the post. If you can manage to make a contribution via Paypal for the admin, printing and postage, we'd really appreciate that. We'd recommend £5, but understand that these are financially uncertain times so please contribute what you can, if anything.

Our aim with this competition is to provide distractions and motivation during this tough time, and not to make money. With all our events cancelled, Secret London Runs is having a tough time, but we don't feel comfortable demanding money from people in such uncertain times. And we'd much rather everyone who wanted to participate is able to get involved.

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