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Love bling? Well.... here's a treat for you! This 18cm-wide Giant Finisher's Medal is the perfect accompaniment for your Rivals virtual challenge series. 

The Medals for each individual challenge (purchased separately) are all magnetic, and will fix perfectly on your giant 18cm-wide sparkly Finisher's Medal. Made using our original illustrations, these are the biggest medals the factory were willing to make! 18cm is just over nipple to nipple, thereabouts -  so this is some serious bling!


The ribbons for the Giant Medal (and the individual medals) are all detachable. So you can alternate between wearing your enormous record of achievement, and hanging it on the wall. 


If you've bought a season pass for the virtual challenge series, you are eligible for 25% off these medals. You'll have received a code by email.

Giant Finisher's Medal - The Rivals

  • Medals are sent monthly to the previous month's registrants. The label run is completed on the first Tuesday of each month.

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