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5 fun history facts about our Murder Mystery Run

If you didn't come to our Murder Mystery Run on Thursday then I'm sorry you missed out on a hoot!

"Really fun, great way to see bits of London. Second time I've been"

Great fun, really novel and unique idea, exhilarating, got to see bits of London I would never have seen otherwise. Really well set up. Highly recommended. Vish, East London

"Fantastic night out"

Getting together a mixed group of friends (so many we made three separate groups of 4), we had fun running round London and solving the clues. A great evening out followed by drinks and food while we waited to discover the winners. You don't need to wait around, but when you're having fun with friends, why not? Great organisation and will definitely get more friends from different groups also joining in. Work colleagues are particularly interested ;-) xiswithu, New York City

Second Place

Here's second place team with Cardinal Wolsey and their gin prize!

If you did, then I've been bursting to publish some fun history facts about the event.

1. Henry and his girls

Henry VIII did have an affair with Elizabeth Blount that began in 1514 when she was about 14 and Henry 23. But Blount's friend, Elizabeth Bryan, was probably the first young girl that Henry had an affair with. It's said that at the age of 12, in about 1512, she gave birth to a son (Henry was 21) and was called "the young wife". Henry gave her a diamond necklace, mink coat and a husband.

2. A new rule for mistresses

Elizabeth Blount, in fact, did not die in 1518 and gave birth to a son. By this time Henry was looking for a way out of his marriage with Catherine of Aragon, so he formally acknowledged his son, naming him Henry Fitzroy (Fitzroy means 'son of the King'). He used his son as ammunition that it must be Catherine that was the problem when producing an heir. Henry's experiences with Bryan and Blount brought about a new rule for Henry: make sure that my mistress is married, so that any children can be easily explained.

3. The royal temptress

Mary Boleyn did go on to be Henry's mistress from around 1521-1526 (following a rumoured affair with the King of France from 1515-1519)

and it is thought that she gave birth to his children, though they were not formally recognized. She had a husband by the time they were born (new rule). You met Mary Boleyn outside St James' Palace which was ironically built by order of Henry VIII for Mary's younger sister Anne Boleyn when she became Queen. All too aware of the mistakes of her sister, when Henry's attentions turned to Anne, Anne played it safe. She refused to become his mistress, only settling for Queen.

4. A claim for the House of York

Margaret was the niece of King Edward IV from the House of York in the War of the Roses. When the Tudors took control of the throne, most members of the House of York were disposed of, including Margaret's brother Edward (the next male Yorkist claimant to the throne). He was kept in the Tower of London until his execution in 1499. Henry VII had Margaret married off, and she wasn't really considered a threat to the throne. It was her support of Catherine of Aragon whilst Henry was gunning for divorce that led to Margaret's execution for treason.

5. Welcome to my home

You met Cardinal Wolsey on Whitehall. This used to be York Palace, Wolsey's home. He expanded his residence so much during his time there that it was said that only Lambeth Palace could rival it. When Wolsey went out of favour, Henry VIII moved to York Palace with Anne Boleyn and called it White Hall after the colour of the bricks used to make it.

Thanks again for coming and hope to see you at the Secret 10k Mission in September and the next 5k team challenge, Prison Break Run in October.

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