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A PEDIBUS?! A Yearful of London Week 7b

I'll keep this short: we hired a pedibus for my pal's hen do. It was epic!

Ok, not that short...

We picked the bus up from the Hay Galleria near London Bridge, in high spirits after completing the pilot Secret London Runs Hen Party Challenge.

Our stead was Rusty the pedibus and our driver a lovely man called Daniel. Daniel played us some banging tunes whilst we cycled up the 'easy route' to a lovely pub called the Mulberry bush, near Waterloo and back.

We drank wine, we danced to Daniel's banging tunes, we 'whoop whoop'ed to many-a fan and waved to a few people/EVERYONE SINGLE PERSON WE SAW.

I think the monkey onesies did exacerbate the fun and the fame, but a fantastic activity that I would recommend to any group. It was pouring with rain but that didn't matter one bit.

What's A Yearful of London all about?

In A Yearful of London, I aim to do a something-you-can-only-do-in-London every week. Last weekend was my friend's hen party so I'm mid-way through 4 blog articles for week 7. Got anything you'd like me to cover? Comment below.

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