Thursday 8th March 2018
Start between 6.30pm and 7.00pm, at Rudds Blackfriars

How many places relating to London's inspiring women can you find in 1 hour (or 80 minutes)?

Over a 5k, 7k or 10k run you'll need to track down the heroines ont he course 

Enter solo or play as a team. 100% of your ticket fee goes directly to our charity partner, Freedom from Fistula.

Every runner gets A glass of prosecco at the finish line a £10 Secret London Runs voucher. Plus winners' prizes. We'll have more information about International Women's Day at the end and our partner charities.


How far can you get in the time limit?


5km, 7km, 10km or more?
Your own

It's self-guided - set your own pace.


100% of your ticket fee goes to:


London's heroines, inspiring women



60 or 80 mins (you decide)



Glass of Prosecco

£10 Secret London Runs voucher



Rudds, Blackfriars





1 bag per person.

Run for International Women's Day 2018

Join together to celebrate IWD 2018 in a running challenge all about London's inspiring women, to raise money for Freedom from Fistula.

Get your ticket now

How many places relating to inspiring women from London's history can you find on the course in 1 hour or 80 mins?  Enter for just £19 with 100% of your ticket fee going straight to Freedom from Fistula. 

Tickets include:

Running team challenge

Finish-line prosecco

£10 Secret London Runs gift voucher

Prizes for the Winning Teams

Enter solo or join in teams of up to 4. Prizes for winning solo, pair and team of 3 and 4. You can book your tickets separately and just join together on the night.

Your Course

Each checkpoint is related to a heroine from history (click on the point to learn more). How many can you visit in the time limit?Some checkpoints are worth more points than others.

Yellow: Rudds (where the bubbles are)

Purple: 1 point

Green: 2 points

Pink/Red: 3 points

Grey: 5 points

We will mark out 3 routes, but you can plan to visit them in any order you like.

Course Rules:

  1.  Enter alone, come as a team or join up with new friends on the night. Prizes for solo, 2, 3 and 4 person entry.

  2. At each checkpoint you'll find a marshal who will give you a token. Each token is worth the amount of points stated above. Points are awarded to a team for the number of unique tokens they bring back to base.

  3. Team members can run separately or together - you decide.

  4. No runner can visit the same checkpoint more than once.

  5. If and only if a team visits all the checkpoints, they can begin sending multiple runners to the same checkpoint.

  6. Runners choose the 60 minute or 80 minute challenge. The clock starts when you leave Rudds and ends when your last team mate returns.

Plot wisely.

Why Run for International Women's Day?

Celebrate the past

Each checkpoint on the run is related to a strong woman from London's history, allowing us to celebrate their social, economic, cultural and political achievements. We'll have more information about the women on the run back at the pub, so you can learn over your bubbles.


The World Economic Forum estimates that gender parity is over 200 years away. With global activism for women's equality fuelled by movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp there is a strong global momentum striving for gender parity. By joining together we create a strong call-to-action to #PressForProgress and unite to progress gender parity.

Make a difference today

All the profits from the run are for Freedom from Fistula, helping them make a huge difference to women suffering from fistulas caused by obstructed childbirth in Africa. Not only are they in severe pain, but they're often shunned by their families and communities too.


Event FAQs

I can start any time between 6:30pm and 7pm?
Yes. Our base is at Rudds, so you can use the facilities, bag drop, get your team's race number. Your team can sign up separately and just register together on the day. Then you'll start the clock any time between 6.30pm and 7pm. The marshals will be coming in at 8:20pm.

Do we have to run together?
No. You can use any strategy you like to collect as many different tokens as you can in the time limit among your team.

Can men join us?
Yes, anyone supporting IWD 2018 is welcome

Can I come alone?

Absolutely - we'll join you up with other runners to compete on the night. Or you can compete solo.

When will I get my t-shirt and race pack?

We'll be giving you these on the night - no postage means more money goes straight to the charity!

How will I know where to go?
You'll be given a course map 1 week before the run. You'll be able to strategize with your team and plot a route that passes the most checkpoints. We'll have some markers out on the route too and marshals along the way.

We've registered separately. How do we join together as a team?

On the day - use the bag drop and then just announce who's in your team at registration desk as we start the clock.

I don't want to run, but would love to be involved...
Excellent - we're looking for volunteers to marshal the race, give out tokens and help us register the runners. Please register your details here to volunteer.

Can I get sponsored too?

Definitely - please set up a page and let the sponsorship come flooding in!

We're a charity and would love to be involved!

We'd love you to be involved. We have an area booked at Rudds, and you can set up a fundraising activity for your charity. Please email


Can we walk?

Yes. There will be plenty of places on the map near to Rudds so you can still join in if you're injured or aren't into running.

How far is it?

However far you can make it in the 60 or 80 minutes. You can run as much or as little as you like. But we expect most runners to clock between 5km and 10km.

Our Partners

We're delighted to be donating 100% of the ticket fees to:

Freedom from Fistula helps women in Africa who are injured in childbirth and left suffering from obstetric fistula - a condition that leaves them incontinent, often living as outcasts and shunned by their families and communities. Obstetric fistula is caused when a woman endures prolonged obstructed childbirth with no access to medical care. Freedom from Fistula currently operates projects in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Madagascar and Kenya, helping these women by providing free surgeries to heal their fistulas; free and accessible maternity care; and training for midwives and other healthcare professionals.

You'll also meet Womankind's marathon team, who will be doing some fundraising at the event:

We're very grateful to be sponsored by:

Hannah Hall Photography - Hannah is a wedding photographer based in Northamptonshire who fell into wedding photography completely by accident; luckily her accident was a happy one because she loves a wedding and can't get enough of them. Over the last three years she's had the pleasure of witnessing over 130 couples say "I do" [including Secret London Run's very own Vanessa and Josh] while raising her two young daughters and very slowly falling in love with running... very slowly.

Would you like to sponsor the event too? We'd love to hear from you. Email

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