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AirBuddy review: Effortless audio control for Apple and Beats devices

The AirBuddy app on macOS provides an easy way to see the status of your Apple and Beats audio devices, quickly connect your audio devices to your Mac, and stay connected. It is useful as pdf scanner software. It's an almost seamless addition to macOS that will leave you wondering (like many Mac gems) why Apple doesn't include these controls. It shows the hardware, the name it's connected to, the current battery level(s), and a "Click" button. To connect". For Apple or Beats headphones, a bubble appears when you open the case; for AirPods Max, a bubble appears when you take it out.

In macOS 12 Monterey, AirBuddy recognizes all Apple and Beats audio devices, as well as some third-party devices such as B. Sony WH-1000XM3. Older versions of macOS do not support some new audio devices and do not recognize third-party devices. Buddy Software provides a detailed diagram for instructions and troubleshooting.

Despite Beats Studio Buds' deep integration with iOS, iPad, and macOS, switching pairs between my devices is a constant and often frustrating struggle. AirBuddy completes the transition with one click - and with the click of a bubble that pops up automatically.

It's not long before lithium-ion batteries change the time between charges. But we still don't live in a future where a single charge can give us weeks of noise-canceling headphones. AirBuddy offers the right help if you're concerned about power outages​​​​​​​ and how to charge your peripherals and audio devices.

The drop-down menu lets you see the current levels of everything AirBuddy is monitoring: audio hardware; Bluetooth keyboards, mice, and other input devices; and iPhones, iPads, and Macs. You can also set alarms for devices and get an alert when the battery is low - you can set a percentage - or get an alert when the device is fully charged.

For headphones with different listening modes, such as transparency and noise cancellation, you can access them through the AirBuddy system menu. You can also create audio profiles with AirBuddy, which can change listening modes, change audio input (to or from an audio device) and volume. It also offers an easy way to turn off automatic AirPods switching, where the earbuds or headphones switch between iCloud-connected devices by figuring out where they're needed.

If you frequently switch wireless keyboards, mice, trackpads, and other pointers between Macs, the Magic Handoff feature lets you transfer a Bluetooth connection with single menu navigation and right-click—no more multi-step steps to disconnect. Mac and connect it to another.

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