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Mistakes of novice writers

Mistake 1: "My story is what I want, what I create," or working with no future for the novel.

Of course, if you're writing to "splash out"-to get the story out there, with no claim to more, then yes, it's your right to write as you write and do whatever you want. But if you plan to put the novel out there on the Web on litsites, promote and sell it, if you plan to publish it, you have to consider the demands of the market and the audience. And essay writing serivce 3 hours stand up to the genre. And adjust.

On the other hand, you can write as you want and see, and then properly revise the draft to the publishing requirements, but it's insanely hard work. And it is better to decide right away - for yourself or for readers, for the book or for publication.

Mistake 2: "Everything will come in handy," or trying to use all the material.

When the writer begins work, he always has the source material - notes on the characters and the world, an approximate plan (or at least a list) of plot devices, sketch episodes. And everything, down to the last point, one wants to use. That no one born in the throes of the word is not lost in vain. However... this is fiction. In practice, the story develops differently than in the imagination, and the old images change, and new ones appear, adding plot details. And it turns out that some of the source material no longer fits. And to cram it in is to ruin the story.

Of course, it's a shame - a real shame - for the material that's been worked on. But if it doesn't fit the story, it must be discarded. The author of this article thus "loses" two-thirds of the source material, although at first it seems that it will "fit" into the text. But english homework help his mission was accomplished by the material - it helped create the images, illuminated the world and clarified the idea, set the direction of the story, inspired the author to heroic deeds, infecting the right mood. And it should ... be let go, without regret.

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