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Brush Manufacturer in India

Welcome to the world of Kanu Brush Care, we are one of the leading brush manufacturers in India. Visit our range of brushes and you will find the right one to suit your need, Kanu Brushes has the most diverse selection of brushes inventory. Our hand-picked, premium range of luxurious brushes gives you a world-class, makeup experience like never before.

Kanu Brush Care is renowned for its unique way of customizing brushes with a variety of hair, ferrules, and handle options. Our brushes are known for the finest quality synthetic, pony, hog hair and seamless anodized ferrules, however, we prefer our clients to use vegan hair. We also try to bring new innovations in our brush to compete in the market by keeping the latest trends and quality as a priority.

About Us:- We are the best brush manufacturer in India, Our Company Brushes manufacturing, customizing, and branding for customers, we already supply big makeup academics and makeup artists.

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Shaving brushes manufacturer in India

Makeup brushes manufacturer in India

Private labeling Customization in India

Art brushes manufacturer in India

Kit brushes manufacturer in India

Trade brushes manufacturer in India

Professional brushes manufacturer in India

Brush packaging in India

Shaving bowls

Shaving brush stand

Brush manufacturer in India

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