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How to use Facebook to get a job

Social networks , and specifically Facebook Careers, can be used for much more than telling our friends that we are on vacation in a certain place or that we just ate a paella that was to die for. It can be used, for example, to find a job, or at least it can help achieve such a goal. How? Very simple, you just have to take care of it and pamper it like this.

1. New account or adapt your own?

The first thing we have to do is create a Facebook account intended for one use only: to look for work. That is, you can not use it to put photos of your meetings with colleagues. You also have the option to adapt the one you have for this purpose, which will mean that you must 'clean' it of updates that you may not feel very proud of and that may compromise you professionally speaking.

2. Name and photo

The next step is to make the username your full name . That brings seriousness and professionalism. The photo that accompanies the profile must also be serious, adapted to the objective: to find work. This means that no photos with a drink in hand , or smoking, or in a swimsuit on the beach…. It doesn't necessarily have to be in a suit, just be serious and formal and convey your personality as much as possible.

3. Your data

Provide an email with which they can contact you (be serious, please), and fill in everything related to training, studies and work (experience), as a resume, so that everyone can see it. You can share more photos and videos. Set your profile to appear on Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is very useful. Imagine that you have sent a CV to a company , and whoever receives it wants to search for your name on Google . Their intention with this is to find more personal data about you. With Facebook you can use this to your advantage. You just have to enable public search for your profile (settings/privacy/who can find me). So your name and Facebook account will appear when someone searches for you on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

4. Friends

In the event that you have chosen the option to make a new Facebook account, choose the friends you add carefully: they should only be related to work and your professional activity. If, on the other hand, you have preferred to adapt the account you already had, select each friend from the work environment one by one and add them to a new list that you can call 'professional'. Now we tell you why. Also, join groups about job offers in your sector, surely there are dozens.

5. Publications

Now you must start interacting with your contacts through publications, sharing interesting content and also 'selling' yourself in a subtle way. If you have your work friends on a separate list, the 'professional' one we called earlier, select in your post that you only want that group to see it. It is convenient that the publications not only can be seen by your friends, but that they are public, so that anyone can see you. As the contents that we are going to share are 'serious', we do not have to worry that everyone can see them.

6. Participate

Actively participate in the publications of your contacts, let them see that you are active and that you are interested in the labor issues they are talking about. Follow pages that suit you (companies you would like to work for if they publish job offers , or employment pages such as the Employment Office), and even request the friendship of people in your sector even if you don't know them personally. That yes, explain them before by means of a message that you are professionally interested in their contents, and that you would like to establish a contact for it. Participation requires that you have your account more or less active, which requires time dedicated to Facebook.

7. Use the search engine

The Facebook search engine is very useful. Until now you have used it to try to find old friends or classmates from school, institute or university. But if you indicate in it searches like 'job offers' or similar, you're going to get a pleasant surprise. Groups or publications of offers will appear to work in trades , such as plumber or carpenter, or work in design , among others.

Not convinced? Then you can look for work in Seville , Madrid or the region that best suits you in the Employment Office. You can also take a look at our Blog and find out how to work at Salvamás.