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Finding the Best Street Art in Shoreditch

You don't have to spend long in London's East End before you notice the jaw-dropping street art on its walls. From tiny stickers, to huge murals, quirky sculptures and sneaky paste-ups, renowned artists travel from across the world to add the oh-so-vibrant walls of Shoreditch. I absolutely love it - so here are 5 of my favourite pieces and where to find them.



Where to find this: Fashion Street

This stunning wall is part of Dreph's 2017 series 'You are Enough'. He painted 10 ordinary women that he knew who had done extraordinary things. This is Tracy Blackstock, Mother of Dreph's children, she project manages a preventative programme for children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviours. You can find more of this amazing series in Star Yard and on Wardour Street, to name just a couple of locations.

Instagram: @dreph_


Where to find this: Heneage Street

Sheffield-dwelling Phlegm is a cartoonist and illustrator and many of the characters on this wall come from his comic. Phlegm is known for transforming run-down buildings, like this one. Love it!

Instagram: @phlegm_art


Where is it? Princelet Street

This piece is called Jack the Ripper 2040 - classic Victorian gas light, hat and cloak. But the victim - a robot. And the people around - too busy taking photos and videos to help. You can see more Otto Schade on Rivington Street (right near Cargo) and Shoreditch High Street.

Insta: @otto_schade


Where is it? Dray Walk (right on the bend)

German artist, Ronzo, regularly paints toothy monster skeletons, with spray cans and CCTV. Can you spot the monster's hat? Look out for another Ronzo here too - the big pink monster sculpture eating a coin - this is Crunchy the Credit Crunch Monster, the mascot for the credit crunch in 2008.



Where is it? Redchurch Street

The art on the wall isn't the final piece. This is an interactive installation - the final work that you see is through the app. Insa painted this wall 8 times in 2 weeks to create the effect - and well worth it! This is one of a number of interactive walls worldwide but the only one in London.

Insta: @insa_gram


Want to see more street art? And learn all about it? With someone who knows where to find it? We give street art themed running tours through the East End:

Every Thursday, 7am: 5k street art tour, in partnership with Dorsett City Hotel. Every runner gets a smoothie at the end!

October, various weekend/evening times: 10k street art tour - each group has a guided pace to keep everyone in their comfort zones.

Private tours: At a time/date convenient for you. Just get in touch with your preferred time -

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