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Medieval Banquetting: A Yearful of London Week 7c

The last activity of the London hen party Saturday. Everyone a bit tired after the day's treasure trail and pedibus excitement.

So what better way to wake up than dressing up in medieval clothes and yelling "WENCH" every time you need serving? Off we trotted to a Medieval Banquet at St Katherine's Docks.

Some of us were ladies... Lovely curtsey, Carri!

Lady Carri Medieval Banquet

Of course, the bride-to-be and maid of honour must be ladies!

Lady Costumes Medieval Banquet

Others rocked the wench-look. Wish I could wear the outfit for my next Big Night Out.

So we looked the part, now time for some well-earned food. For £45 a ticket, we got a 4-course meal (veggie option vv good). No cutlery though, but it didn't seem to bother the ladies...

Also included in our tickets was **UNLIMITED ALE AND RED WINE**. None of us could manage the red wine.

And as you can tell from the sophisticated look of our clan, we are not the typical ale-drinking sorts. But when... in....Rome.....

We may have played the odd game to force it down. Some of us struggled with the pace.

But in the end, all Becca-the-Bride needed was a bit of help from her Mum.

Meanwhile medieval entertainment was underway. Juggling, some impressive gymnastics and dancing. Sometimes we were invited to join in with the dancing but it was a bit short-lived for us.

We were hoping for more medieval dancing after the dinner was finished. But instead a generic playlist of terrible songs was played in a school disco environment (minus the DJ - they just had speakers). What a wasted opportunity! So many people raring to have a good time...ruined by the Macarena.

Of course, we made the most of it.

Time for bed... we've got naked men to draw tomorrow!

Visiting the Medieval Banquet

In a nutshell: great fun for dinner, but if you're planning a big night, have your next venue planned for about 10:30pm. You can hire costumes for £10 or buy some outfits for similar amounts. The Medieval Banquet is right near Tower Bridge station in St Katherine's Docks. Tickets are £50 but they budge when you negotiate for large groups pretty quickly. View the Medieval Banquet website.

A Yearful of London

My New Year's Resolution is to do something that you can only do in London every single week in 2016. I'm currently on track with the activities but a little behind with the write-up, as we prepare for our Jack the Ripper Run taking place a week tomorrow. Watch this space as I strive to get back up-to-date.

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