10-12 JUNE 2022

Join us for a weekend of running tours, walking tours, treasure hunts and socials with the Secret London Runs crew. Runners of all ability and walkers welcome.

Super earlybird tickets are now available following the success of our very first festival in August 2022. The line-up is not yet confirmed - so here's to getting your cheaper tickets in good faith that we'll put on another fabulous weekend. 


We couldn't have had more fun at the inaugural 2021 Secret London Runs Festival!




Including the Chasing of the Guard, Hyde and Seek and Riches, Royals & Rumours.

Penciled in for Saturday morning


Untitled design (48).png

A 90 Minute Treasure Hunt starting near Green Park.

Penciled in for Saturday afternoon


Socials on Friday night, Saturday night and a closing ceremony at the end of Sunday's activities.



Run or walk the route of Anne Boleyn's spectacular coronation procession, hearing about all the places she passed, the pageants performed for her and what they meant along the way.

It's likely this will be a self-guided walk/run rather than a tour. So you'll be able to start when you like, following our map, go at your own pace, and receive audio history along the way. We'll organise groups of people of similar pace to run/walk together, starting at the same time. 

Standard route: Tower Bridge to Westminster Hall (7km)

Extra route: Accompany Anne from Greenwich to Tower Bridge beforehand (10km)

Penciled in for either Friday night or Sunday morning


We'll be in touch to find out what tours you're hoping to see on the schedule: from street art to gin to sex and scandal and crime & punishment. And loads inbetween. 


Tickets are fully refundable until 30th January 2022.
We know that planning life is tough right now.

Sorry, VAT will be added to your ticket at the checkout! We hate it too!  Your 3-day tickets will include:

  • 2 running or walking tours

  • Anne Boleyn's Coronation Procession

  • The Dash (team treasure hunt)

  • A picnic lunch on Saturday

  • Closing Ceremony (drinks not included)

  • 2 evening socials with quizzes/activities

  • A special cloth festival wristband 


Coming to London alone for the festival? We'll ask you if you'd like to be joined with 2 or 3 other festival-ers to co-ordinate hotels/travel. 


Although our schedule is tentative, we do plan to base the 2022 festival around the Westminster/Hyde Park area. As well as so much fascinating history and amazing sites, there are also lots of reasonably priced hotels around the Hyde Park area.

We'll also be asking our community of Londoners if they're up for hosting any out-of-towners! So when you'll sign up there'll be an option to go on the list for this. But we can't promise anything.


1. How fast do I need to be?

The Secret London Runs Festival is an inclusive event for our whole community.
At every event time-slot there's a walking option. So you can come and walk for the whole weekend. There will be no cut off of pace for the walking options - we'll all finish together regardless of how quickly you're able to walk. In terms of running tours, Secret London Runs is not about pace and PBs. We're about exploring London together. We always move at the pace of the gentlest person in the group - and we don't leave anyone behind. But we do find that runners are more comfortable if they are in groups with others of a similar pace. So we will be providing approximate paced groups so that you can join one in your comfort zone. If there are 2 paces of running group available, we expect there to be: a) A Sub 11 minute mile pace (You're comfortable running 5k in under 34 minutes) b) Gentler than 11 minute mile pace (Gentler than 34 minutes for a 5k) If there are 3 paces of running group available, we expecct there to be: a) A Sub 11 minute mile pace (You're comfortable running 5k in under 34 minutes)
b) 11-13 minute mile pace (You're comfortable running 5k in 34-38 minutes) c) Gentler than 13 minute mile pace (38 minutes for a 5k +) Other tours are for 'all paces of runner' - if you join one of these paces and you're a confident runner, please expect to run gentler than your usual running pace. We always run at the pace of the gentlest runner in the group - and we don't leave anyone behind.

3. Do you have a bag drop/showers?

I'm afraid that the festival is too sprawled over London for us to provide a bag drop. We recommend packing light and bringing a small backpack. We do, however, recommend Luggage Heroes, a luggage storage service with locations offered across London. If you're only coming for the day, but want to shower between the running events and evening social, take a look at RunFriendly - they have a network of showers in London!

4.  If I can't make the festival, can I have a refund?

Tickets are fully refundable until 30th January 2022 - we know how tricky it is to plan things right now. From February onwards, tickets will not be refundable but you can give/sell them to somebody else. If we have to cancel the event due to COVID restrictions or a positive COVID result, you are guaranteed a full refund.

6. What do I need to bring with me?

You don't need your ticket - just wear your wristband and give your name at the start of each event. We recommend bringing a backpack and drinks/snacks.

2. When can I book my activities?

We'll release the activities and a full schedule in February 2022.

5. What happens if the festival is cancelled due to Covid?

You'll get a guaranteed 100% refund.

7. I'm worried about COVID in central London. How will you keep me safe?

Although we have 150 spaces available at the Secret London Runs festival, each tour is a small event with 10-20 people attending. So it's a series of mini-events, meaning that you won't be in a big group of people whilst you're running. There are three events where the above does not apply: 1. The 90 Minute Dash On-Location
We plan to do the briefing for this team treasure hunt with all teams in the same place. But, if the R rate goes up, or you're uncomfortable, we'll provide a link for you to join virtually. Then each member of each team will be working separately to find as many of the items on the list as they can for their team. 2. Party/Drinks on Friday and Saturday Night We'll let you know more about this once we know how many people are coming to the festival. 3. Closing Ceremony More details tbc. Most of our events are all taking part in the Westminster area to minimise the need for use of public transport. Your safety is the most important thing for us. Everything that we do will be in line with England Athletics and government guidelines. Please get in touch with vanessa@secretlondonruns.com if you have any concerns.