finding europe in london - leg 7

From: Little Britain

To: Ireland Yard
DISTANCE: 0.5 miles



Run to the end of Little Britain and turn right onto Aldersgate Street. When the road forks, take the right fork and cross the road.


Run past the entrance to St Paul's station and then turn right at Co-Op to take you down a pedestrian-only road into Paternoster Square (you'll go past a Joy shop on your left and a Wasabi on your right). Cross through Paternoster Square, carrying on in the same direction as the path you came in on.

You'll meet Ave Maria Lane (we're back onto roads with traffic). Turn left and run to the end of Ave Maria Lane. Turn right and then immediately left onto Creed Lane (you'll need to cross the main road).

At the end of Creed Lane turn right onto Carter Lane and then in about 1 minute turn left onto Friar Lane. At the end of Friar Lane, you'll hit Ireland Yard.


ireland yard

What happened here?

Shakespeare lodged in a number of different places in London, but Ireland Yard is allegedly the only place he was known to own a property.

It is also thought that the conspirators in the Gunpowder plot met at the Gatehouse in Ireland Yard a number of times in the lead up to the event.

What's it got to do with Ireland?

Not much it seems! Early on it was owned by an Englishman called William Ireland. You win some...



Republic of Ireland and the EU

The Republic of Ireland has been a member of the EU since 1973 and part of the Eurozone since 1999.