finding europe in london - leg 3

From: Poland Street

To: Greek Street
DISTANCE: 0.4 miles



Keep running down Poland Street until you get to D'Arblay Street. Turn left all the way along D'Arblay Street and then turn right onto Wardour Street and left straight away onto Sheraton Street. 

At the end of Sheraton Street turn right onto Great Chapel Street and then immediately left onto Carlisle Street. Cross the road and go into Soho Square Gardens (pretty!). Take the north-east path and take the exit near the Charles II statue (essentially, you've just cut the bottom right-hand corner of the square off with your run.


Turn left and run along Soho Square and then right onto Greek Street! You're here!


Greek street

What's it got to do with Greece?

It is thought that this road is named after a Greek Church built here in the 17th century.

What also happened here?

Never accuse Secret London Runs of taking you to unglamerous places. It is on Greek Street that Sir Joseph Bazalgette began work on his revolutionary sewerage system of London!

He worked in the House of St Barnabas which is just on the left pretty much as soon as you enter Greek Street from Soho Square. The building used to be where the Westminster Commissioner for Works for Sewers offices were. This, my friends, is where the magic happened!

Greece and the EU

Greece joined the EU in 1981 and the Eurozone in 2001. The EU is helping Greece with its financial crisis and supports their agriculture and works to improve their unemployment rates, infrastructure, internet access and much more.


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