From: Cyprus Street

To: Roman Road
DISTANCE: 0.6 miles



Keep running along Cyprus Street and then take a right onto Bonner Street. Just after you pass Royston Street on the right, you'll see a pedestrian-only path on the left.

At the end of it, turn right onto Mace Street and keep following Mace Street. Go straight over the Cross Roads and then take the next right (still Mace Street). You'll come out on Roman Road. Turn right onto it.


roman road

What's it got to do with Italy?

Well... if you didn't know that the Roman's founded London, shame on you! It's thought that they settled here in 43AD, attracted by the deep waters ideal for trade, and the inland protection from Germanic invaders. Roman Road, where you're standing now is the oldest trade road in Britain, that linked up Londonium (Roman London) with Colchester.

What happened here?

Boudicea is famously thought to have travelled down Roman Road when she travelled to London to burn in to the ground in 60AD OR 61AD.

Italy and the EU

Italy has been in the EU since 1958 and part of the Eurozone since 1999. Their population makes up 12% of the EU population.


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