finding europe in london - leg 10

From: French Place

To: Cyprus Street
DISTANCE: 1.6 miles



Follow French Place all the way round until you hit Shoreditch High Street. Turn right and run down Shoreditch High Street for a few minutes and then turn left onto Redchurch Street. At the end of Redchurch Street turn left onto Bethnal Green Road and run along it for a good few minutes until you get to Bethnal Green Tube Station. 

Turn left onto Cambridge Heath Road and then right onto Old Ford Road and then after a few minutes you'll see Cypus Place. Turn left onto Cyprus Street.



What's it got to do with Cyprus?

This whole area of London was called Cyprus - to commemorate the UK's acquisition of Cyprus in 1878.

What else happened here?

At the end of the street you should see a memorial. The 26 names of those who lost their lives at war show that Cyprus Street represented the greatest loss to a single street in London. 

Cyprus and the EU

Cyprus was a late-comer to the EU in 2004. Its population represents just 0.2% of the EU and it adopted the Euro in 2008. Since joining, the EU has worked with Cyrpus to try to quash the Greek/Turk divide in the island.