finding europe in london - leg 1

FROM: Bond Street station (jubilee line)

to: Spanish Place
DISTANCE: 0.3 miles

 running total: 0.3 miles

Directions & map

Turn left out of Bond Street station onto Davies Road and then turn left onto Oxford Street. Take a right onto James Street and keep following the road as it becomes Mandeville Place.


Turn left onto Hinde Street and right onto Manchester Square. Run along that side of the square and then exit the square onto Spanish Place.

spanish place

What's it got to do with Spain?

During Charles II's restoration in 1660, the Spanish embassy returned to London, in the building that is now the Wallace Collection.

You should be able to see it, near the end of Spanish Place that you entered.

What else happened here?

Run to the end of the road (away from the way you came) and look to the right on George Street. You should see a grand Georgian church: St Jame's Church, AKA the Spanish Church. It was built due to the efforts of the chaplain of the Spanish Embassy, Doctor Thomas Hussey, as soon as the first repeal of laws affecting catholics under Charles II.

Spain and the EU

Spain has been a member of the EU since 1986 and part of the Eurozone since 1999. Its population accounts for over 9% of the total EU population of the EU. The EU supports Spain's agriculture,  its infrastructure growth for better travel throughout Europe, .its ever-important reserach.