Smile for a Thousand Miles T-Shirt Competition

To celebrate 1000 miles of Secret London Runs, we're launching a very special competition.

To enter, submit a daring photo involving one of our brand new 
t-shirts. The wildest snap wins £50 to spend in runners need.
So go on... 
Smile for a Thousand Miles!

Competition Rules

Step 1. Get your hands on a new edition SLR t-shirt or vest (details below)

Step 2. Smile and Snap. Take the wildest picture you can muster.

Step 3. Send us your picture via social media/email. Winners announced December.

All premium tickets come with a new edition t-shirt for just £16

3rd Sep
28th Oct

£14 full price, but £10 until 4th September

Going somewhere a little different? Feeling a bit mischievous? Made an unexpected new friend?

Go on. Scare us. Shock us. Make us giggle. We can't wait to see them!

Email your pic to