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Play out on the streets, anywhere in the world, with anyone you like - a great way to stay connected to those you can't be with in person right now.

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You'll be given a list of 60 items that, between you, you and your team will need to find out on the streets.


You'll have 90 minutes to find the 60 items take photos of them, and add them to your Team Sheet. Only your legs can get you there. No cycling or driving.


After 90 minutes the clock will stop and you'll no longer be able to add photos to your Team Sheet. Within a few hours, you will be emailed a breakdown of your results. Winners announced via email later in the day and the Dash-Board will be updated. 


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Designed for those who haven't played much (or at all) to try out their treasure hunting skills ahead of the quarterly league.
Thursday February 18th at 10am and 3pm GMT

Sunday February 21st at 10am and 3pm GMT


All the scores from these 4 Dashes will be added together to crown a winner of the 2021 Dash.

March 20th at 10am and 3pm, March 11st at 10am

June 19th at 10am and 3pm, June 20th at 10am

September 18th at 10am and 3pm, September 19th at 10am
December 18th at 10am and 3pm, December 19th at 10am




"Fun and inclusive event. Really easy to follow the instructions and upload photos. A great way to involve all the family in different locations. Can’t wait for the next one!"


"Inclusive fun for all of the team. Challenging without being impossible and very clearly explained in the online briefing. Great communication before the event and follow up after it. I can't wait to do it all again next month "


"A great day, especially when great days are hard to come by at the moment. Fun with friends and family in the safest way."



Can walkers join my team?

Yes, you can have a team of all walkers, a mixture of runners and walkers, or all runners. Walkers with good local knowledge are just as valuable players as fast runners.

Do all my teammates need to be in the same place?

No! In fact, we created this challenge with the aim of keeping you connected to those you can't be physically with at this time. You could have 5 team mates all based in different continents if you can manage the time difference. We recommend having a WhatsApp group to communicate during the challenge.

Up to 5 per team you say?

You can have teams of 2, 3, 4 or 5 people participate. We'll be giving prizes for each of those categories on the day. Please don't sneak extra people onto your team - we will have ways of detecting this! The price is an accessible £14 per team, so if you have more people, please just enter another team.

Can children join in?

Absolutely! And I bet you're wondering how that affects team numbers? If your children need to be accompanied by another player on the team, then they don't add to your total of 5 players. If your children are older and will be scavanging solo, they do count towards your total

How does the virtual briefing work?

Before the event, you'll get an email with a link to a video conference (we use Google Meet) - your task master will tell you more about the rules of the game and give you your list of 60 items to find out on the streets between your team. At the end of the briefing, you'll receive that list via email too along with your Team Sheet.

How do we upload our mission?

At the end of the briefing, we'll email your team captain a link to your Team Sheet. This is in Google Sheets - so all team members will need to have the free Google Sheets app downloaded. We recommend that the Team Captain adds their Team Sheet to the Description in the WhatsApp group - so it's easily accessible for all players. On the mission your team will take photos of each of the 60 things on the list. And to make sure that you don't sneak extra players in, we'll ask for those photos to include a member of the team (i.e. a selfie).

Your team will add their photos to the Team Sheet as you go. When the clock stops, you'll no longer be able to add photos to your sheet, and that's it - it will be automatically saved in our system.

So only the team captain needs to sign up?

Yes - it's £19 per team and only the team captain needs to sign up. We know that things can change (especially in times as uncertain as these), so you don't need commitment from your teammates until the day of the event. Your team can consist of 2, 3, 4 or 5 members, so no pressure to fill it up. There are prizes for each of those categories as well. As the team captain, you will be responsible for circulating information to the rest of your teammates. So do make sure you have the right contact details for each of them.

What technology/equipment do we need?

Each team member needs a phone with a camera and 4G. We recommend having a WhatsApp group to share pictures and progress on the day and the Team Sheet. Your Team Sheet will be emailed to you at the end of the briefing. It's how your team will plan their mission, track progress and it's how we'll mark your mission. Here's an example Team Sheet for you to practice with your team around your homes. Please download the free Google Sheets app on your phone to use it - all team members. It's really important that all members of your team are comfortable with this on the day. Please note that this practice Team Sheet is shared with others - on the day you'll receive one just for your team. If you'd like your own one to practice on, feel free to save a copy request one from

When do I add our team name?

We'll ask you for this on the day - so get thinking! You'll add it to your Team Sheet before submitting.

Will the lists be the same at each event?

Every month there will be a different list. So the Dash in June will all have the same list, but then it will be a new one for the July dates and another new one in August. You can get a season pass for the August-December dates.

And I can really play anywhere?

Pretty much - yes! If you live in a hamlet, you might find it tricky. We'd recommend driving to the nearest town or city if that's the case.

Can you give some examples of things we might need to find?

A postbox
An orange door
A pink flower
A building that's more than 200 years old